About Us

Wistara Media is online digital marketing agency based in Jakarta. Our main focus is to provide most comprehensive paid digital advertising with high level of service to get the best possible result of our client’s business. We have and will always build very strong, dedicated, professional and experienced team in managing well known international brand with international market.

Our core value, integrity, determines how we do to deliver our work to get the most valuable result company business. We do our work with passion, dedication, honesty. We always keep learning to implement the strategy to get very best outcome.

Our Team

In 2016, We found that we have the same interest in digital, marketing and technology, we worked together in a company where we shared everything that sharpen our interest and knowledge about digital, marketing and technology.

We have the idea to build our team in the digital marketing industry, where we consider that it has and will always has the huge oppportunity to deliver our expertise and knowledge to help Small and Medium Enterprises and also big corporations to reach their digital marketing goals.

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Riswanto Yusuf


Riswanto Yusuf initiated to build Wistaramedia that its main focus is to deliver the digital marketing solutions for various businesses.

He has very strong interest in technology and digital marketing that leads him to Digital Marketing since his first career in 2014. He has various experiences in managing global brands including but not limited to Coca-cola, Starbucks, Nissan, Vodafone etc with global market within various paid digital channels.

His expertise in digital marketing covers wide range of objectives from brand awareness to cophisticated conversions.

His last career as Search and Display Director in multinational corporation enriched and sharpened his knowledge and expertise about digital marketing industry.

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Risyandi co-initiated to build Wistaramedia that its main focus is to deliver the digital marketing solutions for various businesses.

He has multiple disciplines and with over 6 years of experience in the digital publisher ecosystem / digital media, advertising technology, and developing the technology as a engineer.

He has various experiences in developing applications, programmatic advertising & managing direct advertising for global and local brands (Adidas, Aqua, Indomie, Unilever, Bank BCA, Bank BRI, etc) at KMK Online Sites (Liputan6.com, vidio.com, etc), GVM Networks sites (opini.id, bolalob.com, etc) and within various paid digital channels.

His last career as Software Development Engineer in Digital publisher, have the focus to a community-based media organization that produces news and entertainment content in Indonesia.

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